Our Equipment

Visitors to Sea Palling will immediately see 9 man made reefs to assist in reducing coastal erosion.

The bays generally provide safe bathing and leisure opportunities. But users should be aware of the possibility of strong rip tides, created by the access points between the reefs. Please always take advice on the state of the tide and in the event of an emergency, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

To deal with the wide range of incidents that could arise, we have to provide equipment suitable for each occasion.

Our main Lifeboat is Canon Portal, a 6.3 m Humber rib, powered by a 200hp Suzuki outboard. Fully equipped with Radar, IR camera, VHF radios and a host of emergency equipment, she can operate up to 7 miles out to sea. She is launched and recovered by our purpose built vehicle, designed to deal with the angle of our ramp and sea conditions at various states of the tide.

Our workhorse is our Inshore Lifeboat, Ros Clipston, an Arancia powered by a 30hp Tohatsu outboard. The Arancia is used in and around the Reefs and provides a quick response Lifeboat.

On the beach, we have our Argocat, a multi wheeled go anywhere vehicle, that provides safe transportation of those in need of care, whilst also providing towing capacity for the Arancia.


Back at the Lifeboat station we are fully stocked with additional Life saving equipment, such as defibrillators, stretchers, oxygen, heavy recovery gear and search and rescue gear and all the maintenance tools needed to keep us on service.