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Inshore and Inland Rescue Grant Fund 2019/2020

As an Independent Lifeboat, not part of the RNLI, we have to raise all funds ourselves to maintain our service.
A Lifeboat, with all of the ancillary equipment needed, consumes money at a tremendous rate and the task of our fundraisers is never ending. Occasionally, the opportunity arises to receive a grant to update critical items of rescue equipment. We are pleased to announce an application to the Department of Transport’s Inshore and Inland Rescue Grant Fund 2019/2020 has been successful and we are now able to undertake some much needed work to our equipment. This award is vital to us being able to offer a first class service to those in need and to ensure the safety of our crew.
On behalf of the crew of Sea Palling Independent Lifeboat, we wish to thank all those involved with this grant and express our hope that in future years it continues to be available to support the work of Independent Lifeboats and Search and Rescue Services.